Hello! We are team of turtles known as Awkward Turtle Media. Our mission is to provide you with the best footage that will last you a lifetime. Weddings have always been one of our favorites but we are also open to shoot basically anything; from infomercials to events, we do it all.

It’s easy to pick up a camera, hit the record button, and create a video. This team of turtles sets up our shots before your event. We’re pretty careful about what we do; after all, we are turtles. Our creativity is never limited. We have four sets of eyes that will inflict major criticism on one another about what looks “nice.” Our motto is “it has to be pretty.” That’s just how we like it.

Master Turtles

Andy To

"Taco Master"

Co-Founder // Creative Director 

Andy earned a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia from California State University East Bay. Night-Owl is his codename, hence the daily eye bags. He likes listening to TED talks and his favorite food is street tacos.

Jason Luong

"Burger Master"

Co-Founder // Operations Manager

Once ate hot dogs with cream cheese for 10 days straight. Cinematography has become so easy to Jason that he is able to do it in his sleep as can be seen in his bio picture. Jason has big arms due to driving his car without powersteering not by choice. He is an expert at speaking Dothraki.

Senior Turtles

David Quach

"Duck Slayer"

Videographer // Video-Editor

Earned a bachelors degree at  California State University East Bay with a major in Multimedia. He enjoys things like traveling, electronics, and gadgets. His favorite type of food is roast duck!!

Dara So

"Red Bull Slayer"


Attending San Francisco State University with a major in Cinema. A big film nerd, and also a nerd in general, as he loves video games and doesn’t need to study to get a B or an A in class. He enjoys things like bike parties, break dancing and listening to his favorite rock band, Tokyo Police Club

Jordan Lee



On the verge of transferring to a 4 year university to pursue a bachelor's degree, he enjoys spontaneous adventures, good food, and taking risks. Somewhere down the line, he hopes to run a business and inspire the world!

Junior Turtles

Jonard LaRosa



Earning a bachelors degree at California State University East Bay majoring in Multimedia, Jonard specializes in 3D-text, his creative eye and his coding skills!

Zeek Yan

"Mr. Stealyourgirl"


Graduated from California State University East Bay with a major in Business Administration and options in Public Relations and Advertising, and Marketing. He enjoys traveling and meeting new people. He's a southern boy from Louisiana living in the Wild Wild West. Once dated Ariana Grande before she started pumping singles out on the radio.