Mt Tam

Awkward Turtle x Mt. Tam

Follow us on our travel trips! This trip started at 3AM and the Awkward Team embarks on their journey to Mount Tamalpais. During the hour and a half car ride we drove through the bay bride, golden gate bridge and then we were off to marin county. When we first got there we found out that we were there to early. Jeremy was asleep and Zeek didn't get any sleep that night so Jordan and Andy went to go scan the premises. Andy then discovered on yelp that there was a "Pay box". Afterwards the team dropped off 8 dollars for a all day pass. The team was fatigued but motivated to get to the top. After getting to the Mt. Tam peak parking lot we stopped to take some photos of Jeremy's Yeezy's. Here are some of the photos!

Photos provided by the Awkward Team: Andy To, Jordan Lee, and Zeek Yan